Monday, April 13, 2009


I'll keep it all inside like an animal hibernating for winter.

Denver is full of scenetrash, drama, bullshit, cliches, sluts, man-whores, liars... god what else is there?

I'm waiting until a magic door appears so that I can step out, perhaps my foot will simply catch no grounding and I will just fall, fall forever. A bit purgatory-esqe, yes, but numbingly satisfying I imagine.

Easter happened. Boyfriend and best friend came over for dinner. Tubs and Toto met, they had a good time. I came home, napped, woke up, finished practically none of my homework. Which will result in me ditching my Painting 1 critique. Whatever. I am rather neutral at this point.

I haven't been taking my anti-depressants very that would probably explain why I am just a little but fucking crazy lately.

Andy and his scenetrash piece of shit ex girlfriend have been apparently talking so- I laid shit down. Asked him for her number and threatened to beat her ass if I ever catch her talking to him again. Immature? Eh. I don't really give a fuck. I also threatened him as well. Its all bullshit essentially. But mark my words, if I see that little girl again, I will start shit. Everyone who knows me definitely knows I am the most non confrontational person on the planet, but in light of recent events, I will fucking throw down. No joke. I am probably acting like the crazy black girlfriend... but.. well. I am.

Someone swoon me away.

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