Tuesday, December 1, 2009


In midst of my rage for higher education, I am forced to write this overly cynical blog.

Professors, institutions, tution, what a monopoly- isn't it all subjective? We are all puppets trying to appeal to each different professor to earn a "grade". It may be an extreme analogy but, as college students we are basically prostituting ourselves for a grade. I am made to ask myself, what is the bigger picture? Should I really let my professor's "thumbs up, or thumbs down" dictate the intergrity of my work? Criticism is good, expecially in the art world, because that is basically what you sign up for, its subjectivity and as an artist you are putting yourself out there. I suppose what I am grappling with is the fact that an institution can say, "Well, this sucks" and fail you.

I now understand the term, "art school drop out", and all that it entails.

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