Thursday, June 11, 2009


Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine!

It puts me in a good mood no matter what. So here I am, cracked out of Redbull at the Credit Union, having a great afternoon in my little brain of mine.

I live for good conversation. I saw Britt last night and I love how we are just one the same page about so much stuff. We both look back on our former peers from High School and just people we knew in general from Aurora, and really, we are the only ones we know who are even in college and living on our own, aka NOT in Aurora. Living in Aurora is like the ultimate failure. That may sound rather hubrus of myself, but is it so wrong to hold myself to high standards? The suburbs- in my mind are the absolute last place I would ever want to be, give me the city, give me the lights. I never want to grow old.

Lately I have been knitting myself into happiness with cute little characters. I knitted a cow based on the design Andy likes to graf. I like him, I have decided his name is Lantz and that he just likes to keep it real, and he does not enjoy people hating one him because of his adorable pink ears, because he is tough.

I am also knitting a pig, he is going to have a big head. Get ready.

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