Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lovers Need Lawyers.

Oh lovers need lawyers-
We’re talking in circles, but missing the meaning of the reason we’re fighting:
You just want to make the best me that you can.
All I am – take me for all I am worth.
Take me for all I am.
I could never take another’s hand… it’s to you I’m condemned.
Interpret it how you chose.
I'm getting fat, I'm getting lonely.
I have no friends and it's my fault. It's like I can do no right. My saving grace will be the start of the fall semester. Bring on the stress and bring on the distraction.
I'm 22 now and I feel nothing short of a failure. I have done nothing epic or adult with my life. Its like I am just a floating 16 year old. I have all these expectations for myself but its as if they just get lost.
I mean- I am happy, but ridden with guilt because of it, can I ever win? Without instruction I seem to unconciously plan out my fall. If things are going well, I find and seek out some reason why they really aren't.

1 comment:

  1. The fact that your alive is epic. Adult is a term given to a certain age group that speaks nothing of life experience or mind state. Adults are boring.