Monday, March 30, 2009


It's hard to evaluate your life sometimes, because you are bias (of course). I wish I was someone else and I could step back and critique my life then take their valuable suggestions and start all over. I feel like I am making good decisions, but maybe I am wrong, maybe everyday I am fucking up more and more and if I stopped now I would be home free. I guess you'll never know, that's the catch of "life", right?

School is back with a punch. Already covered in paint and frustrated and behind. I love it regardless. I have been getting such success with my art, its awesome to be noticed for something not having to do with my face, or my body, or my ass. Terrance Carroll is hopefully going to be purchasing my Master Copy of "Willis Bridge". I quote $300, got a bunch of opinions from friends and such, and that's the winner!

I got so much knitting done over break. I almost finished a sweater for Toto, and a skinny tie as well! I'm a nerd. I will be getting my yarn tattoo next Tuesday! Woooooooooooooooo!

I wish I had more friends that were dudes that didn't want to get in my pants. Are all dudes just like that when it comes to females or what? I meet so many awesome guys who misconstrue my kindness for wanting to fuck. Whatever happened to just being friends and hanging out?

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